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Children always need movement.  Outdoor play is best but on days when it's too cold and snow blankets the ground, when it's raining hard, or when it's just too hot to even walk outside, my American Movement curriculum could be just perfect for your preschool!

My repertoire of more than 300 dances can follow your weekly themes or mine, such as rhythms, colors, numbers, holidays, etc.  I like to pair my selections with a choice of my over 30 sets of instruments for children.

You can't be sure of the weather but you can count on my "special" of movement dances at all times. 

Your students will use their bodies to improve their rhythm, direction following and listening abilities.  They will learn to follow fast beats and slow, how to make circles, hold hands and let go.  These skills are an introduction to musical appreciation.  And we have so much fun!